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Zip n Store is a storage solution that turns seal-top storage bags into a practical means of food management. Zip n Store also rescues those zippered pre-packaged foods (think shredded cheese) from that pile in your crisper drawer and lets you organize them like books on a shelf. If you're into food prep, plastic storage bags are glanceable, convenient, and also preserve food longer than air-filled plastic containers.


No more messy piles of bagged food. No more losing food in the back of the refrigerator. Just simple, easy food storage that is flexible enough to fit your family, diet, and life.

How does it work?


Revolutionary Food Storage!

With Zip n Store, organizing and storing foods in your refrigerator has never been simpler. Your food is now at your fingertips and easily seen at a glance. No more hidden and wasted foods. Now you save time and money, by saving your foods!


Filling seal top bags is a snap!

Chop n Fill   takes the mess out of filling plastic storage bags.


Portion your frozen foods!

Zip n Store's Freeze n Serve is the perfect way to portion out your frozen foods without having to un-thaw the entire contents. It's like a ice cube tray but for your food! Works with gallon and quart storage type bags.  

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